Hi! I'm Merijn Pijs, a UI/UX and product designer based in Amsterdam, working globally.


This initial phase focuses on understanding the project's objectives and gathering insights from various sources, including market innovations and leading industry trends. Detailed user research and competitive analysis are conducted using tools like user personas, journey maps, and market analysis reports to inform the UI/UX design strategy.


Here, we define how the product will be perceived by users. What makes it unique? What should users think and feel when interacting with it? We'll establish the core principles and vision that will guide the UX design process, ensuring the product resonates with its target audience. This involves creating user stories, defining user flows, and setting up the information architecture.

Design Execution

Based on research insights, we create multiple design solutions, including wireframes, prototypes, and animations using tools like Sketch, Figma, or Adobe XD. These designs are refined through iterative testing and feedback to ensure they meet user needs!


We develop a launch plan with tailored communication strategies and key messaging for the target audience. Detailed UI/UX design guidelines are provided to ensure consistency and smooth handoff to developers using tools like Zeplin or InVision.

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